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Accerta Advantages

We understand our government partners expect value and outcomes-based analytics in addition to effective healthcare programs and services. Since 1959, our reputation has been built on trust, integrity, and service excellence.

Through our technology and services, we provide governments, their clients, and practitioners with real advantages, including:

  • Digital Solutions. Our innovative and robust technology has driven advanced digital services such as online claims submissions and eligibility verification for practitioners as well as portal development and maintenance for plan sponsors. 

  • Reporting and Analytics. Through our Business Intelligence tools, our comprehensive data analysis, and reporting, we provide our clients an in-depth insight into their social services programs.

  • Claims Adjudication. Your plan’s stakeholders shouldn’t have to wait weeks to find out if they will be reimbursed for the claims they submit. Accerta’s real-time claims management system is the most advanced in Canada, tailored to manage large volumes of government-sponsored healthcare benefits.

  • Prompt Payment. For practitioners, we provide weekly payments through secure, electronic funds transfer, or semi-monthly by cheque. All statements are available indefinitely on our secure AccertaWorX portal. 

  • Robust Anti-Fraud Controls. We are a member of the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association. Our anti-fraud and abuse department is dedicated to the prevention and timely detection of fraud. Through a series of measures including fraud risk assessments, incident reporting mechanisms, investigative protocols, and management and audit oversight, we proactively protect our clients and our government partners while raising the bar for fraud compliance.

  • Privacy and Security. Accerta has developed and is compliant with a robust set of privacy and security policies which outline protocols to meet the highest standards for personal information protection. These policies align to statutory requirements as well as standards and guidelines outlined by the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. In additional to adherence with its policies and procedure for the protection of personal information, Accerta also abides by all specific requirement stipulated in plan sponsor agreements for data management.

  • Multilingual. Our infrastructure includes a French-language queue including voicemail & our contact log includes a language field to ensure that all follow-up is delivered in the customers’ expressed language preferences.

  • Commitment to Canada. We are an Ontario-based company committed to maintaining our operations in Canada (head office in Ontario). We will not offshore jobs & data remains in Canada.

  • Stable Work Force. The strength of our hiring & training practices, together with our influential corporate culture creates stability. 

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