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Accerta Advantages


Our fully integrated administrative solutions for government programs ensure seamless coordination across all platforms to help end-users realize improved outcomes. Our custom reports and data analytics provide decision makers with information to transform their programs. Through sound processes and delivery standards, we

  • enhance the government’s reputation and build trust 

  • contribute to system sustainability through lower costs 

  • encourage greater independence and well-being for those who access our services


Our specific market differentiators include:

Digital Solutions. Our innovative and robust technology drives advanced digital services such as online claims submissions and eligibility verification for practitioners as well as customized portal development and maintenance for plan sponsors and end-users. 

Reporting and Analytics. Our Business Intelligence tools, comprehensive data analysis and reporting suite provide governments with detailed insight into their social service programs.

Claims Adjudication and Prompt Payment. Practitioners who provide services to government clients should not have to wait weeks to learn if the claims they submit are valid. Accerta’s real-time claims management system is the most advanced in Canada. We tailored our system to manage large volumes of government-sponsored healthcare benefits. We handle payments through Electronic Fund Transfers or cheques.

Robust Anti-Fraud Controls. Consistent with principles endorsed by the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association, our anti-fraud program meets our customers’ needs. Through a series of measures, including fraud risk assessments, incident reporting mechanisms, investigative protocols, and management and audit oversight, we proactively protect public resources against fraud and misuse.

Privacy and Security. Accerta’s privacy and security policies protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all data we manage. These policies align with statutory requirements, industry best practices as well as unique standards and guidelines required by our government partners. Our staff have the requisite government certifications and clearances to protect governments’ valuable information assets.

Multilingual. We provide an equivalent customer experience to all users, regardless of their language preference. Our services are readily available in French or English, and translation services for other languages are always available.

Commitment to Canada. We are an Ontario-based company committed to maintaining all our operations in Canada. We will not offshore jobs, and data will always remain in Canada.

Stable Work Force. The strength of our hiring and training practices, together with our influential corporate culture, creates stability. 

High Touch. As required, we dedicate the necessary resources to manage relationships with government stakeholders and those receiving services. In addition to a reliable automated framework, we dedicate the time required at each interaction to meet needs.


Administering Programs to Support Governments

Accerta provides solutions that support governments in the delivery and transformation of their social programs.