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Accerta Celebrates Digital Health Week Nov 14-20

17 Nov 2022

Digital health is a growing part of how patients manage their health and how practitioners deliver quality healthcare services to Canadians. Whether it’s to manage information, claims or prescriptions, discuss dosing or deliver patient care, digital health and digital healthcare provide patients and practitioners alike with convenient, safe and secure access to important information and so much more!  

Accerta speaks to the importance of digital health.

Every year, we at Accerta are proud to celebrate Digital Health Week and provide our voice to the conversation about the importance of digital health. As a digital solutions provider in areas such as claims management and healthcare benefits management for the government, practitioners and the public, we are passionate about and committed to the accessibility of healthcare information and services. 

Providing the tools for effective digital healthcare.

The important work we do when it comes to claims management and healthcare benefits management gives providers access to important health and benefits information. Through our contact centre services and online portal, Accerta provides the tools that ensure digital healthcare is effective and convenient for the delivery of healthcare information and services. 

Using digital healthcare as a way to ensure access and sustainability. 

The easier it is for providers to administer services effectively, the more we can ensure equity and accessibility in healthcare for patients. This has always been our vision for the future of the healthcare system in Canada. A vision where everyone has affordable and equal access to what they need when they need it. Accerta’s system is sustainable, flexible and able to inform and get key health decisions made quickly. 

Whether it’s services related to claims management or healthcare benefits management, Accerta finds ways to ensure healthcare is managed and delivered sustainably and protects the future of healthcare in Canada for generations to come. Empowering digital health and digital healthcare is a key way to achieve this. As a B Corp Certified enterprise, we will continue to make a positive social and environmental impact in the communities we serve! 

Learn more about Accerta and how we’re supporting the future of digital healthcare in Canada!

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