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About Us


Accerta delivers all required services in a way that complies the requirements of our contracts and is consistent with the obligations, requirements and regulations set out in legislation. We endeavour to ensure that our Accessible Customer Service Policy and related practices and procedures are consistent with the core principles of dignity, equality of opportunity, integration and independence.

The AODA aims to create a more accessible Ontario by identifying and, to the extent possible, preventing and eliminating barriers experienced by people with disabilities. The Integrated Accessibility Standards regulation has been enacted under the AODA to establish certain general requirements along with five accessibility standards under the headings of customer service, information and communications, employment, transportation, and design of public spaces. These regulations inform the Company’s approach to accessibility and help ensure that our workspaces and practices accommodate for employees of varying needs and abilities.

We further recognize that a discrimination-free environment and an accommodating workplace contribute significantly to organizational and personal wellness and works with experts to ensure the very best for those who work at Accerta and interact with our services.

Accerta’s Commitment to Accessibility

✓Board-approved policies and value statement

✓Employee handbook

✓Guidelines for accommodations

✓Trained advisors

✓Detailed complaints procedure

✓Staff training

✓Committed management and Board