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Assurance and Compliance

Accerta is committed to safeguarding and handling personal information within its care in compliance with privacy legislation and contractually mandated privacy obligations.   We strive to build trust with plan sponsors, clients and the public, by providing transparency for our general business practices. This is done with the affirmed support of the Accerta executive team and is demonstrated with the investment of time and resources to the development and delivery of an effective privacy and information security program. 


Commitment to Plan Sponsors

Accerta operates under the following guiding principles as a commitment to plans sponsors for the appropriate and secure handling of the personal information and personal health information they entrust to Accerta:

  • Accerta will develop, maintain and update its policies and procedures to ensure compliance with contractual and statutory obligations related to the privacy and security of client information.
  • Plan sponsor agreements, vendor agreements and/or third-party non-disclosure agreements will be executed for the receipt of client information and the access, use and potential disclosure of the client data.  Agreements will outline the minimum safeguards for client data.
  • Accerta will conduct its operations in compliance with its policies and procedures.
  • Accerta will provide a training and ongoing awareness program to its personnel and vendors.
  • Accerta will conduct compliance and risk reviews (PIA’s, TRA’s, Penetration Testing,  and Vulnerability Testing) in order to support its services for plan sponsors.
  • Plan sponsors will be notified of an unauthorized collection, use, disclosure, access and destruction of their client information.
  • Plan sponsors will be notified of any relevant initiatives that may impact their client data, prior to the implementation of the initiative.


Public Assurance and Transparency

Accerta provides transparency to the public for its general privacy practices to foster public trust.  The following measures are in place to address public assurance and transparency:

  • Accerta will make the following information available to the public on its website (

The Accerta Privacy Statement;

Contact information for a privacy contact at Accerta to respond to privacy questions and complaints;

Information on how to file a request for Access to client information managed by Accerta; and

Accerta maintains policies and procedures on the management of privacy complaints and access requests; and

The Accerta Contact Centre advises callers on how they may gain additional information on privacy practices at Accerta.