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Community Leaders

As a B-Corp certified government healthcare plan provider and partner, Accerta is committed to helping foster the growth of healthy Canadian communities by empowering people and decision-makers through our cost-effective and efficient services.

Our innovative solutions, service excellence, and adaptability are what has endeared us to large and small communities across Canada. Our goal is to build trusting, lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with elected officials, and community liaisons and leaders, to help them find affordable and complementary solutions to manage healthcare plans effectively.

Social enterprise – projects that promote accessible healthcare

We give back to local communities with initiatives that further support the advancement of quality healthcare for all Canadians. Learn more about what it means to be a B-Corp and how we could help your community. 

If you have questions about how Accerta can help your community leverage publicly-funded social healthcare plans, improve access to healthcare services, and find sustainable ways to improve health, get in touch with us.