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We collaborate with governments at the municipal, regional, provincial, and federal levels to operationalize and transform programs by providing streamlined and consistent administrative solutions. Our solutions contain costs and provide our government partners with the opportunity to reinvest in their programs. Also, our streamlined administrative solutions enable Providers to focus on delivering services in their communities.

We Can Transform Your Healthcare Benefits Programs

Accerta customized a technical platform and tailored our business practices to meet our government customers' needs. We simplify how government-sponsored healthcare benefits plans are designed, managed, maintained, and monitored. Our benefits management suite fulfills any type of supplementary healthcare program (i.e., drug, dental, vision, etc.) and includes member intake, eligibility determination, claims administration, and payment services. Each step can be customized to capture the unique needs of a program.

Regardless of the size of a program or type of benefit, our robust, secure and real-time claims management system offers a consistent, efficient and transparent solution to governments' claims needs

Our Platform Can Help You Manage Client Spending

Our nimble benefits program can be customized to meet governments' needs to validate and reimburse any transaction type that government customers incur. We can reimburse the public or eligible service providers for expenses using standardized rules and processes. This will ensure equity across your programs, streamline processes for all parties and contribute to cost containment. There is no limit to the types of expenses our platform can accommodate. Possible transactions include costs related to (but not limited to):

  • Housing

  • Funeral

  • Moving

  • Childcare

  • Services by healthcare professionals

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Our Contact Centre Can Answer your Overflow Calls

We own and operate a state-of-the-art modern contact centre that provides multi-channel services for government customers (supporting live voice and online transactions). Governments can divert overflow contacts from their systems to our trained and secure centre where multilingual agents will meet customers' needs.

We customize how calls from government contact centres are diverted to our platform to ensure optimal response time and service levels.

We Provide New and Innovative Technical Solutions

We work with governments to identify opportunities for technology to enhance and modernize service delivery. Whether we are creating a new app to meet customers' evolving needs or expanding available services in response to new demands, Accerta's team provides cutting edge solutions that keep pace with governments' requirements.

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