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Independent Intake Organization

Thank you for your interest in the Independent Intake Organization (IIO).
The IIO team – Accerta Services Inc., Autism Ontario, McMaster University (the Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis and Offord Centre) and HealthCare 365 Inc. – is honoured to be supporting the Ontario government in administering a program that means so much to so many families.
We take this responsibility very seriously and our primary focus is to get the work done to start supporting families in Spring of 2022. In the meantime, we have developed this temporary landing page so you can access the contacts you may need between now and then (you will see some remain the same as prior to the announcement). We will post updates as necessary so please feel free to check back. If there is nothing new here, it is because we have our heads down focused on the task at hand.
We really do look forward to building trust and confidence in the Ontario Autism Program so that we can help contribute to better outcomes for children and youth on the autism spectrum.
We appreciate both your trust and your kindness as we move forward.
With warm thanks,
Peter Owsiany
President, CEO and Chief Privacy Officer 
Accerta Services Inc. (Lead Organization of IIO)
Government Announcement: 
If you are an existing and potential family seeking access to the Ontario Autism Program:
If you have a media inquiry:
  •  Please contact our communications team (Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. and weekends)
If you are a stakeholder: