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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement  

We are a social enterprise enabling healthcare equality for all.

As a social enterprise, we manage dental, vision, drug, and healthcare benefits programs exclusively for government and social services agencies in Canada. Our targeted experience and innovative technology provides cost savings, reliable service, process continuity, and accurate, insightful data that enables governments to make informed strategic decisions, reducing stress on the healthcare system through streamlined administration.


Helping communities and individuals achieve better health, independence, and productivity.


Trusted Advisor to All Levels of Government

We collaborate with governments at the municipal, regional, provincial, and federal levels to realize effective social health programs for Canadians, while liberating front-line teams to engage with the public they support.

Reliable Resource to Healthcare Practitioners

Our ethical and timely response to benefits management and payment builds trust in social programs, encouraging healthcare practitioners to give back to their community through the provision of services.

Seamless Healthcare Services for Canadians

We facilitate improved outcomes and access to care for Canadians. We aspire to a healthcare system where no patient is left untreated and every patient is treated with dignity.


Social Impact

We are a B-Corp certified programs administrator that invests in social and healthcare initiatives that benefit Canadian communities, providing reliable services that move them toward sustainable health.

Meaningful Work for Our Team

We're proud of the unique, engaging, caring and compassionate culture we're creating at Accerta. We place a lot of importance on the meaningful work we do every day, as well as our ongoing community engagements.