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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

We are a social enterprise that enables healthcare equality for all and overall public system sustainability.

We manage supplementary healthcare benefit programs exclusively for government and social services agencies in Canada and develop solutions to transform socialized programs across the country. Our targeted experience and innovative technology provide cost savings, reliable service, process continuity, and accurate insightful data that enables governments to make informed strategic decisions. We pride ourselves on reducing stress on the system through streamlined administration.


Helping communities and individuals achieve better health, independence, and productivity.

Mother holding baby. Doctor is checking baby with stethoscope


Trusted Advisor to All Levels of Government

We collaborate with governments at the municipal, regional, provincial, and federal levels to deliver effective programs for Canadians. Our unique customer ecosystem enables us to find synergies across the public system. We reduce the administrative burden for governments and their stakeholders and allow them to support the public better.

System Sustainability

Our disciplined and agile processes reduce inefficiencies through a streamlined administrative model that takes advantage of our unique knowledge of government and delivery mechanisms. Our competitive pricing enables governments to reinvest in programs and priority initiatives.

Reliable Resource to Healthcare Practitioners

Our ethical and timely response to benefits management and payment builds trust in government-sponsored programs. This encourages healthcare practitioners to give back to their community through the provision of services.

Commitment to Healthcare

Through the administration of public benefits programs, we contribute to improving healthcare in communities. Our charitable arm, The Accerta Healthcare Access Foundation, enables us to invest in initiatives that benefit Canadian communities and move individuals toward sustainable health. We strive toward a system that treats each patient with dignity and where nobody is left untreated.


Meaningful Work for Our Team

We are proud of our unique, engaging, caring, and compassionate culture. We place tremendous importance on the meaningful work we do everyday and know that our daily efforts impact our country's well-being.

Social Impact

We are a B-Corp certified company that invests in social and healthcare initiatives that benefit Canadian communities, contributes to increased system sustainability and increased individual independence. Our CRA charitable foundation, the Accerta Health Care Access Foundation, advances our work by making targeted investments in the communities we serve (including scholarships for Indigenous students).

Diversity and Inclusivity

Accerta is an equal opportunity employer and fosters a diverse work environment. In 2019, we were recognized as a Changemaker by the international B-Corp community for our efforts in Diversity and Inclusivity

Commitment to the Environment

Accerta is committed to waste reduction, resource conservation and community education for sustainable living. We are part of an international group of B-Corp companies who are publicly committed to accelerating the reduction of our Green House Gas emissions. We will reach a 1.5-degree trajectory leading to net zero by the year 2030.