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Those who access government services through Accerta experience the Accerta Advantage. We deliver services in urban centres, rural towns, and northern communities to a diverse cross-section of the Canadian population. We have specific expertise in delivering services to Indigenous and Aboriginal people as well as vulnerable and marginalized communities. Our services facilitate better access to healthcare and all government services for everyone and help build capacity in communities.

Better Access to Healthcare for Your Family

Our user-friendly interfaces keep pace with customers' expectations and leverage technologies to provide intuitive services and access to the resources they need when they need them. Whether we are responding to overflow calls from government contact centres or helping a family determine how to use their publicly sponsored benefits, our disciplined approaches meet delivery expectations and enhance our government partners' reputations.

Smiling woman doctor holding a baby

We also leverage in-house communications and IT expertise to develop new and novel ways to meet the public's needs. Our secure portals and apps distribute relevant content to enhance the services we deliver on behalf of governments. We know that there are no out-of-the-box solutions for serving vulnerable and marginalized populations (who are often the recipients of government programs).

Success involves patience, commitment, and experience. Our program includes sensitivity training and offers flexible solutions to improve access. Under the direction of our Director of Call Centre Operations and Customer Service Delivery, Accerta delivers superior customer service that helps individuals achieve better health, independence, and productivity.

Watch Our Video Library

We leverage in-house marketing and communications expertise to develop new and novel ways to reach out to the public and encourage the informed use of resources. As the administrator of children's dental benefits, we developed a video library to help parents and caregivers prepare their children for various dental procedures.

Our growing video library allows parents and caregivers to better understand the importance of the services they receive and encourages the appropriate use of resources.