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Reducing Administrative Burden With Digital Health Technology

30 May 2022

When you think of administrative duties, a lot may come to mind. Scheduling, patient care, correctly billing and reimbursing are some of the many duties involved for governments and practitioners in the medical field.

Administrative work helps to support a company’s functionality. The list of responsibilities can surely become overwhelming. It can also become challenging to keep track of everything at all times. 

Accerta’s digital technology can help reduce a lot of this administrative burden for governments and practitioners. By doing so, there is more time to invest in people-facing activities, while lowering costs and being more efficient.

Help keep track of everything with a customized platform

Accerta’s technical platform helps with eligibility verification, claims administration, and payments. What does this mean? Patients’ eligibility, claim history, and payment details are continuously up to date. This can be a great relief as it saves time and maintains efficiency.

Reducing fraudulent claims

Fraudulent or prolific activities with medical services are a pressing and large issue in Canada. It is estimated according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, that approximately $1.6 billion worth of medical services fraud are committed in Ontario annually. 

For governments at municipal, regional, provincial, and federal levels, a tailored platform is created for unique needs. By keeping track of all necessary information in Accerta’s digital technology, this significantly reduces the chances of a fraudulent claim. 

Ensure patient and medical privacy

Accerta’s technology also helps to increase privacy and confidentiality for clients. By integrating digital health technology, there is less fear as you have a higher level of trustworthy security. 

Digital health technology means providing support at all times

Another administrative burden that may come to mind is having to provide quick and constant support for clients. This duty can very quickly become costly and timely. With Accerta’s technology, you won’t have to sacrifice either. 

Accerta’s contact centre supports both live voice and online transactions. It can be argued that the bulk of administrative time is spent in this department. With Accerta’s contact centre support, more customers can be attended to while remaining efficient.

In addition to the contact centre support, Accerta’s online portal is even more accessible 24/7. To further support tracking, practitioners and governments can have continuous access to: 

Statements and forms 
Fee schedules 
Claims history
Eligibility verification 
And more! 

Digital health technology helps keep medical services from feeling stuck at any point.

Quick and secure reimbursements 

Accerta’s technology provides practitioners the ability to receive claim payments electronically via electronic funds transfer (EFT). 

By implementing the standardized rules and processes within our technology, this reduces any manual procedures to provide reimbursements. It also enhances how securely this is conducted. Additionally, technological intelligence provides updates on program expenditures to help keep track.

Technology in healthcare

Technology and healthcare are both continuously evolving and supporting one another. The innovation of technology within medical services is critical to increase efficiency. By integrating Accerta’s digital technology to relieve your administrative burden - you get exactly that! Reducing costs, increasing time, and overall enhancing efficiency. 

To learn more about how Accerta can help you reduce admin time and spend more on serving patients, please contact us today.