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Strengthening Communities:


Discover how Accerta's Housing Supplement Program can support governments that deliver financial support to eligible recipients to create stronger communities and help residents thrive.

Housing Supplement Program

How We Help

Working with governments, our solution delivers payments to landlords or residents to help eligible residents bridge the gap between their means and the costs of housing.

the solution includes:

Landlord Management

Maintain a curated list of participating landlords, offering ongoing support and fostering positive relationships.

Payment Disbursement

Ensure timely and accurate payments to landlords or individual residents, prioritizing secure financial processes, including emergency payments.

Contact Centre Support

Maintain a curated list of participating landlords, offering ongoing support and fostering positive relationships.

Self-serve Support

Our password protected portal, allows government partners to access client and landlord histories, payment records, and monthly invoicing archives, helping them monitor their programs' performance.

Reporting & Program Evaluation

Generate detailed reports on program performance and conduct ongoing evaluations for continuous improvement.

Find Out More!

Our existing solution may also be customized to include intake, registration and eligibility management of residents.

Data Security

At Accerta, data security is paramount. The Housing Supplement Program maintains the same principles that guide the 55+ government programs we administer. We adhere to industry best practices and international standards to protect residents’ and landlords’ data.

The Accerta Advantage

Exclusively serving the government and social agency market, Accerta’s community experience, proven and secure processes, alignment with government objectives, and commitment to socially responsible operations make Accerta your ideal partner.

Join us in our mission to support resilient communities.

For more information and pricing, please get in touch with us at:

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