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Supporting Volunteer Opportunities That Make a Difference

22 Dec 2022

Accerta believes team spirit extends beyond the office. We encourage our employees to support causes they're passionate about, and we band together to give back to the community by tying our volunteer hours and charitable work to our vision and mission. Employees can take time off work to volunteer in person and provide much-needed virtual services as required.

Supporting Volunteer Opportunities Through Our Volunteer Time Off Policy

Accerta's Volunteer Time Off policy applies to all full-time employees and encourages individuals to become involved in their communities by lending their voluntary support. Full-time employees are encouraged to devote eight hours of volunteer activity annually while receiving paid time off. 

Additionally, Accerta actively supports local charities in Greater Toronto, including The Covenant House, Youth Without Shelter, Belmont House, St. Michael's Hospital, Jordan Foundation, Sick Kids, and Red Door Shelter Family Shelter.


Accerta has recently partnered with Troop to make a tangible difference in the lives of community members who need it most.  In partnership with Troop, Accerta aims to discover and fulfill local needs and see how our support impacts the community. 

Troop is a social enterprise on a mission to build communities where basic needs don’t go unmet.  Through partnerships with charities and nonprofits, Troop is using technology to engage businesses and neighbours in lending a helping hand, starting with the fulfillment of local, everyday needs.

Accerta Volunteerism in Action

The Accerta team donates their time to the community in inspiring ways through volunteer opportunities that they are passionate about. Here are two examples of how our staff are giving back to the community.

One of our team members recently concluded a volunteer program with Future Possibilities for Kids, a charity that delivers free community initiatives to children and youth ages 9-12. The team member met with a young girl each week and helped her develop leadership skills through activities and discussions. "It was a very rewarding process, you get so much more out of it than you put in."

The volunteer work through Future Possibilities for Kids was "an extension of the work" the team member does daily at Accerta. She emphasized how her volunteerism "brought to life" the underprivileged, marginalized children that Accerta helps through programs like Healthy Smiles Ontario. "Volunteerism is embedded in Accerta's DNA," says the team member. Their work is an example of how every one of us can give back to our community.

Another Accerta team member began volunteering at Blessing the Children Canada by participating in service volunteer programs, where her passion for volunteerism grew even more. She has volunteered both locally and abroad in Haiti, where she helped rebuild homes after natural disasters and helped people who have experienced remarkable hardships.

The team member also discovers volunteer programs through her church, including delivering meals to families. She has also joined organizations that Accerta has suggested, like The Good Neighbours Club, an organization that delivers groceries to seniors and persons with disabilities. She has also offered her time to the CNIB Foundation, focused on companionship by talking to people on the phone and keeping them company.

Her willingness to give back is very inspiring. The Accerta volunteer program aligned with the team member’s values and gave her the ability to encourage others to do the same thing. “I think it’s just more of being proud of the company and that we instill that as part of our corporate structure, which is awesome. It’s not easy to find a workplace that aligns with your values.” She is proud of Accerta for offering the volunteer program because it’s important to her to lend a hand to those who need it most.

It is all about having the opportunity to share her experience. “It’s great to see your money going to the families and making a difference.”