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Protecting Your Privacy

Accerta's Commitment to Protecting Your Privacy

The basis of Accerta’s privacy obligations are predicated on the legal, regulatory and contractual obligations stipulated for the protection of information managed by Accerta, on behalf of plan sponsors and their clients.  Accerta ensures that the privacy and confidentiality of all personal information and personal health information is protected and that program data is secured in a manner consistent with required obligations. Accerta does not believe that privacy is a “one size fits all model” and recognizes that its stakeholders may have differing risk appetites, reporting requirements and legal/regulatory obligations.  Unique stakeholder requirements are fully integrated into the Accerta Privacy & Security program.

As Accerta currently delivers program administration services to various Government bodies, Accerta tailors its privacy program to accord with privacy legislation applicable to the relevant party.  The Accerta Privacy Policy and the Accerta Privacy Statement ascribe to the 10 Fair Information Principles of the Canadian Standards Association’s Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information which form the basis of most federal and provincial privacy legislation.