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Who We Serve

Accerta specializes in delivering and managing diversified government-sponsored healthcare benefits programs across Canada for all levels of governments. 

By collaborating and partnering closely with government to design, manage, and enhance their social services health benefits programs through data-driven analytics, our services benefit our government partners in multiple ways:

  • Governments. We enhance and optimize governments’ social services health programs, and provide them with a cost-effective, tailored claims management system and resources to support clients and their families. 

  • Practitioners. We provide weekly payments to healthcare providers through our secure, electronic funds transfer or semi-monthly by cheque. Claims are assessed in real time.  

  • The Public. We advance the health of communities by providing people in need with access to healthcare services, in turn, helping reduce the burden and costs on governments and taxpayers. 

  • Community Leaders. We help elected officials, community liaisons, and leaders determine efficient, cost-effective ways to deliver healthcare-related programs. 

Accerta is more than a government-sponsored healthcare benefits provider. We are social innovators focused on the common good. We are part of a groundswell of 2,400 global B-Corps, across 50 countries and 140 industries, that are showing the world how business can be a force for good.