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About Accerta


Accerta is a B-Corp certified social enterprise committed to reducing inequities in public programs and lessening the administrative burden for governments and their stakeholders.

A born in Canada success story, we started as a group of practitioners who provided dental care to vulnerable and marginalized populations, grew into a specialized supplementary healthcare benefits administrator for governments, and ultimately evolved into a profitable champion of public-private partnerships. We remain true to our philanthropic roots and maintain all systems and services exclusively in Canada.

At our core, we are a supplementary healthcare benefits provider for government programs. However, since our inception in 1959, we walked in-step with governments to plan, build and deliver sustainable solutions to meet consumers’ and practitioners’ evolving expectations. We collaborate with all levels of government and are a trusted advisor in the transformation of public programs that leverage new technologies to keep pace with elevated privacy and security demands and are responsive to the increased need for transparency and accountability related to public expenditures. 

As a B-Corp certified social enterprise, our philosophy aligns with government objectives. Our unique client ecosystem enables us to apply learning from all levels of government to improve processes, find synergies within the public sector and deliver superior outcomes.

Accerta’s disciplined and consistent administrative solutions enable governments to focus on service delivery and provide data to transform their programs.

Today, our suite of programs includes:

  • Administration and transformation of government-sponsored supplementary healthcare services (including intake, eligibility management, claims administration and payments)

  • Healthcare provider services

  • Contact centre services for government programs

  • Third-party administration of public programs and government loans

  • Customized portal, application development and maintenance

  • Comprehensive data analytics and reporting solutions


Accerta by numbers

Over 60 years of experience supporting government programs

Administer 40+ government programs

Serve over 1 million citizens each year

Maintain a verified database of over 10,000 healthcare providers

Process over $200 million in claims per year



Our Commitment

We commit to using our business as a force for good so we have the greatest impact on individuals, their communities, and our healthcare system. Our administrative services will contribute to the seamless delivery of healthcare and other services for Canadians so that everyone receives the care and compassion they deserve.



At Accerta, privacy and security are not just a simple “check the box” exercise for legal and regulatory matters. Accerta takes meaningful effort to foster a culture which is respectful and accountable for the safeguarding of the personal information it manages.

Accerta Advantages

Our fully intergraded solutions enhance the government’s reputation and build trust in the programs we administer. Through lower costs and superior processes, we contribute to system sustainability and improve the lives of Canadians.



We endeavour to ensure that our Accessible Customer Service Policy and related practices and procedures are consistent with the core principles of dignity, equality of opportunity, integration and independence.