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About Accerta

Since our inception in 1959 as Ontario’s social services dental benefits provider, Accerta has collaborated closely with all levels of government as a trusted advisor and social healthcare benefits partner. 

We are experts at ensuring governments are served with customized, flexible, health and dental, social services benefit plans and related services. We partner closely with governments to plan, build, and manage holistic, sustainable social programs, and through innovative technologies and modern management tools, provide them with insightful data they require to make informed decisions.

We strive to provide Canadian communities with the reliable services they need to improve access to healthcare, raise social standards, and build sustainable and progressive programs that benefit society at large.

Meaningful Work for Our Team

We are a B-Corp certified, equal opportunity employer. We cultivate an enjoyable and gratifying work environment that gives us a sense of purpose, through successful outcomes for our clients, communities, stakeholders, and team members.

Accerta by the numbers

● Nearly 60 years of experience working in the healthcare industry
● We currently manage 27 government sponsored social health programs across Ontario
● We facilitated the payment of more than $190M in claims over the last fiscal year

What We Believe In

We believe in equitable healthcare for all. We believe in the power of public healthcare. We also believe we need to do more to have a greater impact. We know our healthcare system needs to evolve to meet the needs of a growing population. We seek to solidify Canada's reputation as a world leader in public healthcare so that others can follow our lead and create more impact. We know we can’t achieve our vision alone and that we have a long way to go. We believe collective advocacy and action that will help advance our healthcare system so that Canada sees the best possible health outcomes. We believe every child and youth deserves to take on the world with confidence, proper oral hygiene, and excellent health. That’s why we support local governments in their mission to provide low-income families with access to free dental care.

Our Commitment

We commit to making healthcare delivery seamless for all Canadians so they receive the care and compassion they deserve. We commit to using our business as a force for good so we have the greatest impact on individuals, their communities, and our healthcare system.

Meet Our Board

Our board consists of seven directors whose experience and expertise serve to guide our organization in an advisory capacity. Their leadership helps us grow our business, improve our processes, and set the strategic direction we need to deliver sustainable value for our government partners and the communities we serve.

Take Me To Your Leaders

Our leadership team is committed to effectively managing and growing our organization as we serve the clients who benefit from government sponsored social services health programs. Their collective wealth of Canadian-centric experience and knowledge ensure we are prepared to meet the challenges of present and future social services health programs offered by the various levels of government.