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For Healthcare Claims Management, Digital Is The Future

26 Jun 2020

Technology has transformed the way that we live and revolutionized industries across the world. Arguably, none more so than health care. From pioneering new surgeries to the digitization of medical records and beyond, technology has allowed us to live longer and healthier lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic has already generated a shift, forcing changes in the way doctors and medical personnel interact with patients, process documents and conduct consultations. Moving forward, claims management will need to be a “digital first” approach, with less paper, less room for error and less person-to-person contact with documents. 

Too Much Room for Error

A main concern with submitting health claims on paper is how many steps are involved, and each step offers the possibility of human error:

  • Information written on a form can be misspelled, or have illegible handwriting

  • Forms can be lost in the mail or lost in a pile on a desk

  • Filing and processing paper forms is an expensive and time-consuming process

  • Paper forms can have coffee spilled on them, or can be misplaced

Pile of forms stacked messily on desk

Digitizing Health Care Claims Is The Way Of The Future

The demand for digitizing claims is higher than ever. With the medical field working overtime, it is of utmost importance that we streamline claims management, in order to maximize both efficiency and accuracy.

Regardless of when the pandemic becomes manageable, this test of our healthcare system has shown that there is much room for improvement in how we handle claims. Digitizing each step of the claims process, from data input to payment, can streamline the claims management process and save costs. 

Consumer Preferences Become Necessary Alternatives

Without a doubt, we live in a world garnered toward convenience. Fast food, online banking, and grocery pick-ups, are just a few examples of how every industry now has consumer convenience as a top priority in how they structure their delivery.

So it is no surprise that moving claim management online is something that was already in the works long before the world shut down. But now, as human interactions become increasingly limited, what was once a possible option is now the only option.

Security And Safety Are Top Priority

When online transactions first appeared, the security of your personal information was a concern, and not without merit. However, as technology improves, so does the safety of sites where personal information is submitted.

When submitting healthcare claims online, it is important to use a company with a robust set of privacy and security policies, which outline protocols to meet the highest standards for personal information protection. These policies align to statutory requirements as well as standards and guidelines outlined by the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario.

As businesses begin to return to work and health practitioners reopen their offices, paperless claims will minimize contact among healthcare administrators and keep workers safe.

Digitize your Healthcare Claims with Accerta

At Accerta, our digital healthcare claims management is designed to put your experience first. With tools like our Eligibility Verification Portal via AccertaWorX, practitioners can continue to submit claims while mitigating exposure and risks to employees and the public.

Our system is paperless, contactless and represents the future of healthcare. We manage plans for governments and healthcare practitioners in order to provide seamless healthcare services for Canadians. 

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