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The Impact of Digitization on the Canadian Healthcare System

28 Mar 2022

The advancements in technology have helped healthcare in a variety of ways. So it's not surprising that there is such a push for healthcare to go digital. In many ways, the benefits of the Canadian healthcare system going digital are endless, especially when making healthcare more accessible to all Canadians.


Having a digital healthcare system will not only help doctors and nurses, but it will also help patients as a whole. Though it doesn't come without challenges, they will only help to improve the system as time goes on. The impacts to the Canadian healthcare system will be tremendous and benefit Canadians for years to come. 

Improved Safety and Reduced Errors

When healthcare is digitized, it helps healthcare providers reduce the potential for errors and ensure the patients' safety. This is due to the ability to access the patient's electronic health records. It also allows for doctors to reduce duplicate tests, thus saving time and money.

Evidence Informed Practice

When doctors and nurses have access to your health records, it allows them to serve you better. Digitized healthcare provides more in-depth knowledge of the patient's history. This will enable providers to make well-informed health recommendations for the patients, giving them evidence-informed practice.

Virtual Visits

With a digital healthcare system, arranging an appointment time is a lot easier and more convenient. Instead of going to the doctor’s office, you can now book virtual appointments through a secure two-way communication platform. With virtual appointments, it is more convenient and easier to see the doctor, when an in-person visit may be challenging to accommodate in some instances.

Patient Portals

Patient portals allow patients to access their medical information and give them insights that may otherwise be forgotten. It will enable patients to feel in control of their health and have in-depth conversations with their doctors. Patient portals are changing the way doctors can send information to patients and interact with them as well. Moreover, it allows patients the ability to book appointments with ease.


Telehomecare provides patients daily health monitoring and can even offer weekly health coaching. This helps patients with chronic illnesses learn to manage their conditions and reduce emergency room visits and hospitalization. When this type of technology is leveraged, it allows healthcare professionals to provide better care to patients who benefit from home monitoring.

Technology in Healthcare

Healthcare is continuously evolving and changing as new technology is being created and tested. Advances in technology are critical in helping Canada's healthcare grow and help with the standard of care.

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